9 things Indians do before an EDM concert

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1. Practice this hand motion

Test Image

We know you’re excited , but doing it at work makes you look stupid

2. Practise an accent

Test Image

Cos EDM ya’know! International ya’know man! Cool Che!

3. Paint their faces

Test Image

Yep, cos you need to be a walking piece of art right? Picasso will be at the concert to appreciate it.

4. Overdo neon accessories

Test Image

The music is electronic; you don’t have to ‘look’ electronic!

5. Wear ultraviolet friendly attire

Test Image

Like the glowing neon lights weren’t enough.

6. Practice their “Beat-drop” dance move

Test Image

Which you will use waaaaay before the Beat drops anyway.

7. Get drunk

Test Image

Let’s face it, you can’t afford the booze at the event. Congratulations on reaching a higher level of dumbness.

8. Click selfies “On the way to EDM concert”

Test Image

Cos snapchat selfies are the in thing ya’know man!

9. Memorize the lyrics

Test Image

But forget them midway through the song and just “na-na-na” along

Don’t be a loser. Just be yourself, enjoy the music, have a great time! #TomorrowlandWith9XO


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