One Direction have filmed a music video for ‘Infinity’!

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Directioners, get ready to lose your chill in 3, 2, 1….

One Direction have already recorded a music video for ‘Infinity’!

Just when you thought the band have taken a break and there won’t be any buzz about them this year, the lads have surprised us! The boys had initially announced this song as the 3rd single from ‘Made in the A.M.’. However, thanks to a lot of fan craze over ‘History’, they decided to change it to the latter.

But based on some pictures that have surfaced, the boys had already shot a video for ‘Infinity’.

One lucky user has even recorded a portion of the filming.

The interesting part is the band have used some cool fan-art as the back-drop, the same one which cropped up in their X-factor performance of the same song.

We don’t know if One Direction plan to release the video, or they intend to release a 3rd and 4th single giving fans the pleasure of 2 new music videos!

What’s song do you like more, ‘Infinity’ or ‘History’?


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