8 most significant facts about the legendary musical icon, David Bowie!

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Yesterday we lost one of the most iconic musicians of our time, David Bowie, who died at 69 losing his battle to cancer.

We take you through the life of the legendary musician through these facts about him…


Born David Jones in London on Jan. 8, 1947, he found success with the release of ‘Space oddity’. During the 1970s, Bowie was regarded as one of the most radical and ground-breaking musicians in the world as he dabbled in glam rock, art rock, soul, hard rock, dance pop, punk and electronic.


In his 40-plus-years career he dropped hits like , Modern Love, Let’s Dance ,Heroes, China Girl and other memorable tracks.


At the height of his fame in 1970 he declared that he was bisexual, instantly propelling him to the status of gay icon. He was known for his eclectic dressing style.


David’s eyes were different colours. Many say it could have been a result of a school fight, others say he may have heterochromia, a condition that enlarges one of the pupils.


He was fond of technology and became the first rock star to morph into an Internet Service Provider with the launch in September 1998 of BowieNet.


He released his 25th album , ‘Blackstar’ on Jan 8th of this year, which also marked his 69th Birthday.


Bowie kept a decidedly low profile, maintaining a residence in New York but rarely seen.


Bowie appeared in many movies, including ‘The man who fell to earth’, ‘just a gigolo’, ‘labyrinth’ and most recently, ‘the prestige’.

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