10 times pop-stars gave us serious Halloween goals!

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It’s the eve of halloween, and if you haven’t yet decided what you’re gonna dress up as for that party, allow us to give you some suggestions!

Some international pop artists have given us some pretty thrilling and chilling music videos. We take you through the best times when they gave us serious Halloween goals!

10. When the Backstreet Boys freaked us out with their ghostly get ups!

9. When Meatloaf scared lil kids with his performance in this song…

8. When Skrillex surprised us with this beyond-creepy video…

7. When the Annie Lennox’s cabaret act was more spooky than beautiful!

6. When these Big Bad Zombie Bikers attacked the guys from Neon trees…

5. When we all wanted to be the Ghostbusters..

4. When MJ did this!

3. When Angus Young played the devil we secretly always wanted to be…

2. When Lady Gaga was being, well, Lady Gaga..

1. When MJ’s thriller is such a winner in Halloween costumes, everyone wore it!

Here’s the awesome Halloween playlist, with these memorable scary moments. Now go on and rock the spookiest night of the year!


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