Nicki Minaj calls out Miley!

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A few days earlier Miley Cyrus was asked what she thought about the Nicki-Taylor feud on twitter. She responded that Nicki Minaj is “not too kind”, and “not very polite”.

Well we all know that Nicki’s not someone who takes things lying down, but Nicki being Nicki, went all out!

After accepting her award for Best Hip-Hop Video for “Anaconda”, Minaj wrapped her speech by dissing VMAs host Miley Cyrus, saying angrily, “Back to this bitch that had a lot of say about me the other day in the press. Miley Cyrus, what’s good?” Minaj’s microphone was cut off before she could say anything more.

Miley defended her statement saying, “We’re all in this industry. We all do interviews. We all know how they manipulate s—. Nicki, congratulations.”

Nicki later addressed the feud on twitter in her own Nicki-ish style!

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