Justin Bieber beats The Beatles’ 51 year old record!

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock with no music, Justin Bieber is currently ruling the music scene. With his new genre of dance and RnB, the young pop star has been dominating the charts!

But that’s not it, the Biebs has been upto some Record Breaking lately too..

The Beatles hold the record for having the most songs land on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart in the same week for the past 51 years..Until now!

Biebs recently had 17 songs land on Billboard’s Dec. 5 Hot 100 chart in a single week, beating The Beatles’ record of 14 songs, which they broke in 1964. Drake almost got there this March and again in October, Billboard reported — but Bieber is the first to break it.

“Purpose,” is currently No. 1 on Billboard’s Dec. 5 200 chart, making this his sixth No. 1 album on the Billboard charts.

Watch the video for ‘Love Yourself’ here…


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