Desi versions of Pop Divas!

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Have you ever thought who would the Indian equivalent of the hot divas of pop would be?
We gave it a shot, and here’s what we think!

Nicki Minaj – Priyanka Chopra

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Both these divas have the right curves at the right places! And both of them are wild enough to try the unconventional.

Demi Lovato – Sonakshi Sinha

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Demi started off as a Disney star, typically a girl next door, and blossomed to a hot diva! Same goes with Sonakshi who started off as a shy Indian damsel, but looks so hot now.

Miley Cyrus – Anushka Sharma

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These chicks have the persona to carry themselves in different styles, the poise to sport the short hair look and the attitude to say out loud whatever they feel!

Meghan Trainor – Parineeti Chopra

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Because you know they’re all about that Bass!

Katy Perry – Katrina Kaif

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Apart from both of them being ‘Kats’, they both have the same tall and voluptuous body, gorgeous long black locks and look amazing even without makeup!

Selena Gomez – Alia Bhatt

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Selena has the ability to look like an innocent angel, and also transform into a sultry siren. Alia did the same. Don’t believe us? Check them both out in a bikini!

Beyonce – Kareena Kapoor

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There’s only one Queen Bey leading the pack! Sexy, stylish, gorgeous, a complete DIVA! And no one can match this except Bebo who’s lead the pack back home, year after year!

Disclaimer: This is purely our interpretation.

Do you agree with this list? If you don’t, what’s your version?


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