Calvin Harris feuds with Zayn Malik on Twitter!

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First it was Nicki vs Taylor, then Meek Mill vs Drake, and now the newest feud in town is between the EDM artist and the ex-directioner.

It all started when Calvin responded to Zayn’s retweets of a post from the account @FemaleTexts regarding Taylor Swift’s comments on Spotify’s treatment of artist royalties. The tweet compared Swift’s comments on Spotify’s treatment of artist’s royalties to Miley Cyrus’ comment shrugging off album sales saying “I’ve made my money”.

Calvin, in defense of his lady-love tweeted this:

and this:

and a pretty brash one followed:

Zayn Malik responded saying:

Calvin sensed the animosity and tweeted:

Talk about a twitter feud! Who’s side are you on? Tell us in the comments


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