Acting out loud!

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Ed Sheeran has spoken, and he will be acting in a TV series!

The ‘Sing’ star revealed that he has a role coming up on a brand new TV show this year, and has described it to be “Dark” and “Gruesome”.

Here are some notable musicians who took to the screen!

1. Britney Spears
Britney tried her hand at the big screen with Crossroads

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2. Christina Aguilera
Christina showed off her glamorous side in Burlesque

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3. Beyonce
Yes, Queen Bey shined on the Big screen with her flamboyant singing role on Dreamgirls

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4. Eminem
The rap legend did an incredible job with his dramatic role in 8 Mile

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5. Justin Timberlake
The soulful singer showed that acting came naturally to him, with his role on The Social Network

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How do you think the young lad will do on the small screen? Leave your comments…


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